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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

about us.

Indie Mart is DIY, unique / vintage, LOUD DECIBELS, all local, co-ed shopping.

Indie Mart used to be an underground shopping party in the shared backyard of founder Kelly Malone’s Mission apartment. But it grew up. Now in its third year, Indie Mart has quadrupled in size to become one of the most beloved shopping events for SF’s DIY set. Offering an eclectic mix of local designers, vintage, unique finds, live art & silk screening, hot plates, cold beers, and stiff drinks, Indie Mart is all about DIY, loud rawk decibels, local folks and a good time. And it’s never quite the same. Maybe you walked out with a t-shirt and zine last time. Maybe you leave with a record and vintage leather jacket this time. And maybe you score a bracelet made from form bike tires and a custom night light next time. Each Indie Mart offers an updated cast of vendors, pulling in fresh new talent while holding on to some of the best vendors from Indie Mart past. Even the venues change! From 12 Galaxies to Thee Parkside to The Independent, Indie Mart has moved through some of the greatest rock venues across the city! Come see why Indie mart won Best of the Bay for “Best Nomadic Hipster Flea Market & Party!” Indie Mart. It’s shopping. Different.

Kelly Malone is using power tools in high heels.

Kelly Malone created Indie Mart in 2007 for the same reason that fledgling journalists start their own zines or ambitious musicians start their own record labels—a passion for their field but total disaffection for mass commercialization. Having seen this trend first hand in retail via her roles for such corporate monoliths as the gap, urban outfitters, and victoria’s secret, Kelly came up with the idea of a co-ed, fun shopping event that would bring together local sf design talent, the flea market atmosphere, good food + many beers, and a killer party, all in one. Then, an unexpected surprise of cancer came along… So what better way to flip both birds to cancer than to put her talent and experience to work for herself and the design community of San Francisco? Enter, Indie Mart. Now having produced over thirteen incarnations of Indie Mart, Kelly still personally selects each vendor, creates all fliers, promotes in dive bars and refuses to let the Indie Mart get watered down by run of the mill, done-that design. And she is just now scratching the surface…






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Mission Indie Mart

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