Dress to thrill on a first date

 Dress to thrill on a first dateHaving the right kind of attire for a first date is very important in order to create the right impression. For most men, choosing an appropriate outfit is often an emotional and nerve-wrecking journey. These feelings are intensified when you are about to go on a date with the girl you have dreamed of dating for a really long time. A guy showing up in wrinkly shirts and half torn jeans is not what would impress a woman. Of course, girls don’t expect guys to wear a designer suit but it needs to be visible that he has made an effort to dress up and that he cares about his looks. Moreover, if he knows he is dressed well, he will appear to be more confident and relaxed. So what should you and shouldn’t you wear on a first date?

If you haven’t been in the dating arena for some time, you may have to refresh your wardrobe. You could opt for skirts or slacks and tops that are fairly casual but still look smart and are something that is in fashion at that time. Unless you are interested in attracting a partner who wears clothes that are out of fashion, it is best to stick to the current trends. A simple jeans and t-shirt doesn’t usually do the trick unless you have an exceptionally good figure that makes you look great in a jeans and t-shirt. Choose something that you have worn before and are comfortable in. Neatness and cleanliness are two important things that women look for in men so make sure your clothes are neat and clean to express respect and the ability to take care of yourself.

Avoid wearing tops that are too tight and show too much of cleavage because such tops go under the slutwear category for most men. Even though cleavage is sometimes considered an accessory, on a first date, it is simply not appreciated. If your wardrobe consists of only work-wear and exercise clothes, you may have to shop for some accessories like belts, shoes and other jewellery. If you are not the kind to know what would go well with an outfit, ask a stylish friend to help you out. Match your outfits to the venue of your date. Don’t wear a suit to a music concert or a rock t-shirt to a fine dining restaurant. As for colours, stick to earthier tones like blues, blacks, browns or a beige. Your dressing should also depend on the weather conditions. Just because it is cold, wearing a nice jacket is not enough. You should be smart enough to know that at some point you will be taking off your jacket and then your shirt will show. A woman is also very particular about the shoes you wear and as for jewellery, the lesser the better.

Preparing for your first date is like preparing for a work event. Choose your outfit at least one day in advance, be there on time, be willing to listen to her, try to limit your talking and finally, be a gentleman and pay the bill!

About the author: Melissa Welsh is a freelance content writer who are writing great articles about various fields such as travel, sports, fashion, technology and health. At the moment she is writing some interesting articles about matchmaking.


Dressing for the Outdoors – Active Wear for Summer

Summer is here and it is the season for barbecues, trips to the beach and long lazy walks in the country. Summer is all about the outdoors – soaking up some rays and making the most of the good weather. Outdoor activities are the best way to enjoy the season so make sure your gear doesn’t let you down.

Active Wear Collage1 Dressing for the Outdoors – Active Wear for Summer

Footwear – forget the stereotypical ‘jesus sandal’; summer footwear has had a makeover.  Sandals are notoriously flimsy and nobody’s first thought for practical active wear, not least because leather straps respond poorly to heat and moisture. Enter the Ad Scarp Sandal.  This high tech sandal features adjustable straps and a ‘toe bumper’ for protection in rougher terrain. They are moulded for support and feature shock absorption technology, making then perfect for a summer hike. Made of breathable mesh and water friendly material, the Ad Scarp Sandal is a fantastic alternative to heavy hiking boots in the summer. Check out the Regatta Outlet for styles and information.

Outerwear – unfortunately summer jackets rarely provide much by way of protection of practicality. A cotton or denim jacket might be stylish, but for active adventure holidays they leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, protective active wear is now lightweight and stylish, featuring high tech fabrics and cutting edge design. Opt for a jacket with “SunShade” technology, featuring sun protection factors ranging from twenty to forty, and search for Isotex fabrics; these special fabrics are both waterproof and breathable, giving protection against the elements that is perfect for warmer weather. Opting for styles that feature underarm zipped vents makes protective outerwear even more practical for the summer. Don’t be fooled by warm weather and good forecasts – wind chill factor when high up can make even the warmest temperature seem frigid, and without proper waterproof protection, a summer storm can put a serious dampener on any activity.

Special Clothing – If you are heading out to do more extreme sports this summer, make sure you research the correct equipment and go prepared. Whether it is base layers for summer snowboarding or wetsuits for catching some waves and practicing your surfboarding skills, some activities need specialist clothing.

Having the right gear will ensure that your action packed summer lives up to its potential – don’t be caught out by believing the summer needs less preparation than the less clement months. Get kitted out and have a summer to remember!


Women Cardigans – The Most Flexible Dress For All Season

Women are very fond of dressing differently and are constantly on the lookout to purchase new ones.  They will not get satisfaction from any type of dress so easily. However there is one dress on which all ladies easily settle upon immediately. That is the cardigans.  It all started in the 17th century with the 7th Earl of Cardigans wearing this type of dress. Then, in the 19th century the Irish singer Michael Valentine Doonican gave concerts wearing cardigans and from then onwards it became popular.

Women cardigans have their own place in each and every lady’s wardrobe. They are the versatile dress that can be used for various purposes. They can be worn in all seasons. It is very comfortable for the cold season and very stylish for other seasons. Moreover, it is very suitable for wearing to the office since they are formal and casual both.

Cardigans can be worn simply by themselves or they can be worn on top with other tops, t-shirts or shirts underneath.  You can create various combinations of styles with your cardigans. They can be buttoned or let loose; whichever way you want.  Everything depends on the way you want to present yourself, whether traditional or modern. However, cardigans guarantee you stylish and elegant look whatever style you choose.

Suppose you have small fitting jeans that show your lines and you are not wearing it, you can try it with a lovely cardigan over a smart top. The cardigan will cover the lines. Any cute dress that is lovely for you but is not the right fitting, you can purchase it anyway and wear it with your cardigan. You can wear it buttoned, not buttoned or belted. You can tone down the sexy appearance of any dress by wearing cardigans.

Cardigans come in variety of styles featuring different styles of necklines traditional crew-neck, v-neck, scoop neck, cowl neck and many more. They are available in curvy and more fitting style or loose fitting style. Moreover, the length also varies according to the models.  In general, they differ from your waist till the back of your knees. You can find full sleeved cardigans, 3/4 sleeved, half sleeved and 1/8 sleeved cardigans.  Even pregnant women can wear cardigans by purchasing the plus sized cardigans. A black cardigan in your wardrobe will be handy for many things you want.


A Guy’s Guide to Accessorising

 Accessorising an outfit can be difficult for men. How much is too much? Is a man-bag too girly? What about jewellery? There’s a lot of questions and a lot of confusion when it comes to men’s fashion, and most men want to look good but aren’t completely in tune with the rules of putting an outfit together. So, here’s the comprehensive guy’s guide to accessorising.

guys guide to acessorising A Guy’s Guide to Accessorising

If in doubt, wear a watch.

A watch is simple, understated and perfect for men that don’t feel comfortable properly accessorising their outfits. A smart watch looks good with any outfit, and you don’t have to feel conscious about looking too girly or too ‘put together’. Round faced and leather strapped watches will get you extra style points, but it’s best to go with whatever kind you naturally prefer. After all, if you’re going to splash out on something, it’s a good idea to make sure you like it enough to wear it regularly. If you’re on the lookout for men’s watches, then check out H. Samuel’s collection, where you’re bound to find something you like for a reasonable price.

Jewellery can be manly.

Ten years ago, ‘fashion’ jewellery for men came with a bout of prejudice. Now, it’s the norm for guys to wear leather bracelets, rings and earrings; just read this article for more detail on how men’s jewellery has become main-stream. Generally speaking, anything goes. Leather bracelets can be found everywhere on the high-street, including Topman and Burton, but if you’re after a bargain check out the market stalls selling jewellery next time you’re abroad, you’ll find practically the exact same ones but for less than half the price!

Embrace the man-bag.

Like with jewellery, the stigma surrounding man-bags is beginning to lift. If a guy has a lot of stuff to carry around, then he needs a bag, right? And why should it be imperative that the bag is a rucksack if the guy is to maintain his manly status? Let’s face it, rucksacks are far from stylish, whereas a nice leather satchel is practical and it looks good. For those who still aren’t so sure, a good compromise is a sports bag. They’re often still made from leather, but are branded with the logo of a sports brand, so aren’t too ‘fashionable’ and aren’t even close to being classed as girly.


Discover How to Be Sexy in the Gym

More and more women are coming to realize the amazing benefits of going to gym. For this reason, most of them are turning to fitness fashion. This on growing trend of fashion in the gym is a very fun way to motivate women reach their fitness goals. Even if it is nothing wrong in going to the gym in those wear out clothes you wore ten years ago, you will be much more appealing to men if you choose to dress accordingly.

Workout DailyBeat Discover How to Be Sexy in the Gym

A New Trend in the Gym

Fitness fashion has affected positively almost all the countries in the world, but it all started in the United States. Girls and women are buying modern outfits just to look sexy and feel appreciated. For example, on Daily Beat you can see some of the latest outfits that are so prevalent among the women of the 21st century. The good news is that fitness fashion gets more exciting and diverse each new day, proving that women are never tired of trying something new.

I think we can all agree that a swipe of mascara or lip gloss can instantly boost your confidence. It is also true that more confidence means more energy. When you hit the gym, you do need more confidence, because you will need a huge amount of energy. In order to be sexy in the gym and look amazing, there are a few things you need to remember.

Stay Comfortable

First of all, you need to remember that the most important thing when going to the gym is your workout. If you are not comfortable with that, you won’t be able to capitalize on all the benefits offered by this activity. Don’t wear extremely tight clothes and stay away from baggy clothes. You don’t want to attract men, but your primarily goal should be to workout. If you can create a balance of loose and tight clothing, you will boost your self-esteem, increase your comfort. Consequently, you will be able to make the most out of each hour spent at gym.

Choose the Right Brand of Shoes

Choosing the right running sneakers is a must, especially if you want to feel comfortable and be fashionable in the same time. One of the best places online where you can find sporty shoes is fratellikarida.com. Each brand produces top-quality shoes that won’t let you down. In order to look hot at the gym and feel amazing, you can choose anything you want from Alberto Guardiani, Dsquared, Vicini and Zamagni. For example, the white sneakers from Alberto Guardiani manufactured in Italy are made of 100% natural leather, which makes them more resistant in time and a more suitable choice when going to gym.

Buy a Good Waterproof Mascara

Another thing you need to do in order to look sexy at the gym is to make sure your waterproof mascara is top-quality. Keep away from foundation creams, because they will clog your pores. Moreover, you won’t be in need of blush, since you will have that natural rosy glow from working out. Why waterproof mascara? Because when working out you will sweat a lot, especially on your forehead. You can try Lancôme Waterproof Full Body Volume Mascara, CoverGirl LashBlast or Anastasia Beverly Hills Genius. Check this link for mascaras famous for their sweat-resistant formulas.

Go For the Ponytail or Beyond

Your hair needs to be off your face and as far away from your eyes as possible. Well, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with a boring pony tail. You can go beyond a ponytail by trying a topknot, braid or ballerina bum.

Moisturizer and BB Cream

If you have a super flushed face and you need to tone it down, you should go for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer after you wash your face with cold water. You can try a moisturizing balm for your lips instead of the common lipstick in order to get a more natural look.

Making Your Hair Look Good

You need to ensure that your hair looks good post workout. So when you are heading from the gym to the next important activity and you are miles away from any shower cabin, you need to do something with your hair to make it look good again. Remove any wispy waves and use dry shampoo spray to remove grease and make your hair look more natural.


In order to be sexy in the gym you need to know how to leverage the latest trends in fitness fashion. Keep in mind the tips presented above and try to enjoy your time spent at the gym while staying attractive and sexy.


Liven up call for men!

Who doesn’t want to stay on top when it comes to fashion and trends? Ongoing style and trends reviews are something everyone seeks for regardless of their age and gender. I would emphasize more on gender here because most of us only relate ladies to fashion. Let’s face the very hottest reality; males are equally particular about their wardrobe as female. Am I wrong? So boys let me put a very simple question here; can any one of you imagine dressing up in 80’s style and walking into any party or meeting, where everyone else is dress up in a latest manner? I bet throughout you will be busy finding a corner to hide yourself. To avoid such embarrassing situation never ever compromise on your appearance.

Your appearance gives your first impression. So next time when you hike in any gathering make sure you have your leather jacket on! A man is not believed to be a man if he doesn’t buy leather jackets. It’s the material that adds royalty, confidence and style to any personality; that’s why it’s the first choice of all popular Icons. Wondering?? Which popular icon?? Well…one name has to pop up in every mind when we natter about leather jacket and that is our very own Justin Bieber!

There are countless well-liked personalities who prefer leather jackets but Justin Bieber’s jackets collection has to come to a pinnacle. Sometimes I wonder if his jackets should be given some tribute for all the fame and popularity he has got. This young Canadian pop singer is recognized over the globe for two reasons: one is of course his remarkable voice & songs and the other is his jacket. He has shown the world real face and a variety of leather jacket-seriously hats off to his designers.


For all those who are searching for lively stuff for their wardrobe must pay some attention to his jackets. Let me reveal few of his jackets that have really boomed the fashion world. Brit Award in 2011 he won the heart of a million of girls with his black jacket, and mind you this lucky jacket also won him an award. The other time he was spotted at the Ed Sullivan Theater with black upper, and don’t miss the most inimitable and demanding flashy blue leather jacket that he wore on NRJ music Awards. These entire leathers upper are still hot on the ramp, Justin Bieber jackets for sale are available easily.


Get access to the online store now and order these trendy jackets and make an everlasting impression in any gathering. Dress yourself with the best jacket of Justin Bieber and be the man of the evening at any jamboree.


Author’s bio:

Myself I am really fond of leather material; I don’t miss any chance to buy leather jackets. Personally I really admire Justin Bieber jackets and I have written this so that I can aware people about his classy jackets.


Ultraviolet wristbands With Capacity To Warn You When You Had Enough Of The Sun

The rising number of cancer of the skin all over the world has become a cause for concern, especially in the US.  Providentially, a group from the Strathclyde University is formulating a wristlet that will point out Ultra Violet level revelation to sunbathers, and consequently restricts their danger of severe sunburn. No doubt UV wristbands are fun, as well as innovative to increase consciousness or raise finance for your charitable trust, not for profit organization, or maybe your business. Ultraviolet wristbands are in addition a grand way to ring a bell inside you or even as to when you have to apply sun cream so that you will be able to stay out of the UV rays of the sun especially during the hot days of summer. This is the exact reason that UV bracelets are utilized to broaden Skin Cancer alertness as well as skin care cognizance.

url1 300x182 Ultraviolet wristbands With Capacity To Warn You When You Had Enough Of The Sun

Fun in the sun becomes sunburn

Do you know when your fun in the sun turns to sunburn? It is not very easy to tell that a person has had too much of sun unless and until they have burnt themselves. This sunburn is not only uncomfortable but at the same time too much of exposure to the UV rays can result in sun injure and augment your risk of the cancer of the skin. Hence to protect yourself from too much exposure to the UV rays of the sun you can make use of the disposable Ultraviolet wristbands.

Use and throw wristbands

Use and throw Ultraviolet wristbands, are similar to the paper wristbands that are worn at concerts, but with the ability to protect your from suntan in addition to skin-cancer threat by alarming them what time to take off to a shady place. This new gadget allows people to become aware as to when they have crossed their boundary of UV emission exposure by turning to pink from yellow as the threat of overexposure enhances. These UV wristbands are cheap, effortless to put on and can be cast off at the day’s end.

These wristlets consist of an acid-discharge means as well as a pigment that function in accord to catch UV light furthermore alter color reckoning on the degrees of emission noticed. Singular bands will be personalized for people of deviating skin types having varied degrees of UV forbearance. Those UV wristbands which are made for people who have fair-skin in addition to fair-haired sorts will alter its shade quicker than wristbands which are created for people with dark complexion.

How do Ultraviolet wristbands work?

Initially you would have thought that you can easily make use of your watch timer or even on your phone to remind you about your exposure to the UV rays. May be it will work but since all of us are human beings and once we start to sun bathe we tend to forget about everything else. This leads to additional risk of UV ray exposure.

Apart from this the  Ultraviolet wristbands is not merely a timer but it in reality keeps trail of the amount of UVA as well as UVB rays, so its’ vigilant time will be worked out once again in case the sun happens to disappear behind the clouds, or even in case you shift to a more shadowed region.

The Ultraviolet wristbands are silicone-layered water-defiant bands which the wearer simply has to wear around his/her wrist. The wristband’s capacitative changing engineering turns on the device when it comes into contact with the skin. In addition the device turns off again once it is removed. Once triggered off, the Ultraviolet wristbands incorporated UV feeler assesses entering UV radiation through a tiny window, once in every 3 seconds. A committed workstation continues tracking the increasing exposure. The bracelet in addition vibrates shortly once in for every 15 minutes, merely to verify that it is functioning. The wearers need not be anxious with regard to recharging or even substituting any batteries, as the tool is power-driven by the rays that it is monitoring.

Composition of the Ultraviolet wristbands

The Ultraviolet wristbands are implanted with photo chromatic dyestuffs, which are fine-tuned to cope with type 2 dermis, the type that can be seen in those people who are fair in addition to children having all kinds of skin. When uncovered to UV light and utilized in alignment with a sunblock containing SPF of 15 or more, the UV wristband will vary its color to allow the user as to when to apply sun block once again or even to escape the sun.


Staples For The Modern Muslim Woman: Finding The Right Wardrobe For You

There are times in a woman’s life when she needs to make a change.  Sometimes that change comes when you are going off to school.  Sometimes that change will happen because you have just taken your first real job.  Sometimes that change will happen for religious reasons.  Whenever there is a significant change to the style of wardrobe you have, you need to find the core pieces that you will build the rest of your outfits from.   These core pieces allow you to mix and match, without having to spend a lot of money to update your look.  If you are seeking a wardrobe that is in line with Muslim clothing requirements, there are three pieces that are essential.


The first thing that you need to look at is your hijab, or head covering.  You will wear these with every outfit that you put together, so you will want to have a selection of hijabs for every occasion.  You should start with some solid colors, just to give you the most flexibility, but as you move forward and find some tops that you really like, a patterned hijab is perfectly fine.  Keep in mind that there are different styles as well.  For those times when you want to look special, a Shyla hijab is ideal.  You can style it however you want and it will look great.  When you are in a rush, the Al Amira hijab is a better selection, and you will want four or five of these at a minimum.  It simply fits over the head, and you can move on with your day, but you are limited in the look of this hijab.  There are other styles as well that combine the different aspects of these two, but with several Shyla and Al Amira hijabs, you have the core of your wardrobe.

tunic dress Staples For The Modern Muslim Woman: Finding The Right Wardrobe For You Tunic Dress

The tunic dress is a shirt that has a much longer tail than most shirts in Western culture, leading it to look more like a dress than a shirt.  This is where you will need multiple options as well.  With the right bottoms, and a small selection of tunics, you can create dozens of outfits that fit within the Islamic dress requirements.  Tunic dresses can be formal or casual, so you will be able to have different outfits for whatever social situation you might find yourself in.  Along with the tunic dress you will need some slacks or a long skirt, but those can be found at any number of retailers.

Formal Maxi Dress

Finally, every good wardrobe needs one special outfit for special events, and this means a formal maxi dress if you are looking for Muslim clothing.  These dresses are floor length, with complete covering of the body and most have a matching hijab.  They are a great choice for when you are going to an event at your mosque or a business gathering.  Over time you should get several of these dresses in different colors for the different seasons and so you have some choice when you get dressed, but if you are just starting out, a single high-quality maxi dress will be perfect for your needs.

When you are starting a new wardrobe from scratch, you need to take advantage of as many staples as you can.  This will cut down on the amount of money you have to spend on the wardrobe and give you flexibility in how you dress.  With the right staples you will have outfits for every occasion that you might need, without breaking the bank to do so.

I am Ranya Matar and I work as a fashion consultant.  I wrote this article to talk about how women can save money on their Muslim clothing by buying the staples that they need and building their wardrobe from there.  I highly recommend www.artizara.com for women who are looking for clothes that meet the Islamic dressing requirements.



Designer Medical Scrubs for both Men and Women

operatioroyal feathers and chains 234x300 Designer Medical Scrubs for both Men and WomenWomen are luckier than men regarding dresses. Most of the woman costumes are highly attractive, colorful and designer. When it comes to medical scrubs, once again males feel frustrated as most of the companies design scrubs only for the female nurses. No, not all the companies. There are some garment companies that care about the male-nurses too.

Yes, today around 15% of nurses are male across the world and of course they can’t adjust with the medical scrubs for women. The designs of the scrubs for women can’t fit in a men’s body as men have wider shoulder and hip while the women have narrower shoulder and bulkier hip. So, keeping the male medical professionals many garment companies have started designing medical scrubs for men. These are fully fit in men’s body and come in gorgeous masculine colors like grey, black, dark brown etc.

It’s a wrong concept among many medical professionals that designer scrubs are mainly for women. In fact the scrubs that they talk about are very old fashioned and baggy. But, today’s medical scrubs are much trendy and are designed to fits well in our body no matter you are a man or woman.

This is the reason today most of the doctors across the globe are wearing doctor’s scrubs instead of their usual uniform. These are not only very comfortable to wear on-duty but also very attractive and elegant. It comes in several modern designs and colors for person of every age and size. You can take V-shaped neck or rounded; if you prefer a bit modern look, you can go for cargo type with several pockets; or simply you can order some unique medical art-works with contrast fabric colors.

Yes, there is no fixed design of medical scrubs and every hospital develops their own design that represents their institution. It helps them to offer the doctors and nurses a breath of fresh air with the comfort and attractive look, while it also provides the hospital a unique identity. So, if your hospital hasn’t still purchased designer doctor’s scrubs, just meet the management team and inform them about it.

However, if you are not working in any hospital or not related to any medical establishment, should you wear medical scrubs? The answer is yes. Today every people wears custom made scrubs for any kind of ceremony as the dress is both comfortable and stylish. They are purchasing beautifully handcrafted costumes instead of traditional T-shirts as it increases the look and feel of the person. At the same time it helps the youngsters to save a few bucks from their pocket money as it comes in very affordable cost.

But, many people still hesitates to wear scrubs and thinks that it’s only for medical professionals. I suggest those peoples to visit different online stores and hunt for a day or two. They will see that many custom made scrubs on those sites are ‘out of stock’. Who are purchasing those? Doctors? No. Doctors generally get their dress from hospitals. So, to move on with the generation just place your order in such stores and you’ll experience the difference.


Watches as a Fashion Statement

Fashion Statement 300x272 Watches as a Fashion StatementFor the fashion conscious clothes and jewellery have always been crucial to achieving the right look. Nowadays, however, watches are considered to be as much a part of fashion as either. Watch makers and designers have recognised this trend and now produce watches intended to make a fashion statement as well as being functional timepieces.

Most obviously, watches are now designed to suit the different requirements of a variety of wearers and are made in a wide range of shapes and sizes and of different colours and materials. There are watches to suit the elegant woman and there are watches for the businessman or the rugged sporting type. They come in all types for all types of people.

Watches vary in many ways. The faces are commonly round or square but modern designers experiment with all shapes. And watchbands, too, add to the variation – metal, cloth, plastic and leather are among the materials used to keep your watch on you wrist, if that’s where you want to wear it. After all, watches can be worn as pendants and rings and even the traditional pocket watch is making a comeback. Designers also embellish their watches to increase their appeal. Different coloured materials and the addition of gemstones like diamonds add to the glamour and attraction.

For showing off your personality and making you look more glamorous, there is no better accessory than a designer watch. Men generally favour two types of watches – the multi-functional chronograph and the elegant luxury watch with many brands such as Tissot developing watches in both areas. The functional watches are favoured for general wear and for those who like a sporty look. They are usually fairly large watches with a variety of dials and features. The luxury watches are favoured for evening wear and special occasions as they are more sophisticated in appearance and show class.

Women’s watches, too, are made to suit the occasion. There are practical watches for daytime wear and for work, as well as fun watches for party time and watches that ooze elegance and style for those occasions when a touch of glamour is required.

With the variety of beautifully designed watches available, there is one for everyone for every occasion. They are the ideal fashion accessory for men and women and if you want to make a fashion statement nothing says more than a designer watch. You watch will make you feel good and set you apart from the rest.

Functional and attractive, watches are essential additions to any jewellery box. With prices to suit every budget, the watch is a versatile accessory that you cannot be without.